Breaking: Pan Pacific Hotel Forcing Workers to Sign Away Their Rights?


The Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver is giving its workers a deadline to sign away their current working conditions to become casual, on-call staff and their rights to claim severance. The hotel cites the pandemic as an excuse to force workers to sign away their labour rights.

According to a document obtained by UNITE HERE Local 40, workers at the non-union Pan Pacific have been given a deadline of today, Tuesday, July 14.  A copy of the agreement can be found here:

Zailda Chan, UNITE HERE Local 40 president, blasted the Pan Pacific Hotel for forcing workers to sign away their rights and said the Province shares the blame:  “This is yet another egregious example of a hotel employer taking advantage of the pandemic to strip away workers’ rights. Is this what the Province and Tourism Minister Lisa Beare have in mind when they say they expect employers to work with their laid-off employees? The Province must take responsibility for protecting workers laid-off due to Covid. Otherwise, thousands more workers will be stripped of their rights and fired.”

Last month, Premier Horgan called on employers to do the right thing and keep their workforce intact. The Premier said that if the government needs to take steps in the legislature to protect workers, they will do so.  Tourism Minister Lisa Beare continues to remain silent when pressed on what she will do to support tourism workers.

UNITE HERE Local 40 is the hospitality workers’ union and represents members in the hotel, food service and airport industries throughout British Columbia.  Learn more at

 Contact: Michelle Travis,, 778-960-9785

Local 40 Sodexo Proposal: 3 Year Agreement

Wage Increases

-Immediate $4-5 increase (equal to KMP contract)

-$1 increase every year thereafter


-10 hour guarantee for those who want it

-Overtime- 1.5x after 8 hours, 1.5x on Saturdays 2x on Sundays


-Local 40 Civeo Pension: $3.85/hour


-Local 40 Benefits- 100% Paid by company

-Note: Local 40 benefits are far superior to Sodexo/Steelworker proposal

Housekeeping Workload

-# Rooms: 8hr-20 rooms 10hr-24 rooms

-Each check out counts for 2 rooms

-Each linen change counts for 1.5 room

-Rooms Clean every day

Travel- Flights paid for 100% by the company

Compensation for Locals

-50 cent/Km travel pay

-Child Care Subsidy

-Options for locals to stay in camp


Note: most of what is in this proposal, has already been won by Local 40 members in Kitimat.  A $40 billion contract has more than enough money to meet our demands.

UNITE HERE! Canada Responds to COVID-19 Crisis

On March 30, 2020, UNITE HERE leadership from across Canada held a tele-press conference to speak on the unprecedented economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on workers nationwide. Listen to a complete recording of the conference. For press coverage, see below:

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CTV Vancouver (with video) – Hospitality workers call for financial support in face of mass layoffs

CBC – Hospitality workers’ union says 90% of members have lost their jobs in past 2 weeks

News1130 – BC hospitality workers’ union calls government wage subsidy approach a ‘bailout for businesses’

CTV Toronto Nearly 90% of hospitality workers will lose jobs because of covid-19 pandemic, union predicts

Global News – COVID-19: Hospitality union offers help as hotels considered as makeshift hospitals

Victoria News – Canadian COVID-19 round-up: Air Canada cuts 15,000 jobs, 90% of flights

Message from President Zailda Chan to Local 40 Members

Dear UNITE HERE Local 40 members,

The COVID-19 global health pandemic is impacting all workers in the hospitality industry in ways that none of us would have ever imagined. With the drastic downturn of tourism, border closures and public health measures, I know a majority of UNITE HERE Local 40’s members working across British Columbia in airports, hotels, food service and camps are facing economic hardships never experienced before. In a matter of weeks, expenses like paying for our rent, mortgage, car, utilities and food have become inconceivable.

But we are in this together.  We need to stick together just as we have in the past when the employer has wanted to offer us very little for a contract or fighting unfair treatment. As a union, UNITE HERE will not sit quietly during this crisis. We plan to demand and work on all fronts to make sure hospitality workers are receiving the support they need to get through this period. We are in communication with employers and government officials to discuss how we minimize the impact on you and your families.

In the meantime, we have posted information on our website to address your immediate questions about Employment Insurance, Local 40 medical benefits and other information.

Employment Insurance

To answer any questions you may have about your eligibility for EI benefits, please click here.  If you have additional questions about EI, send Local 40 an email at or text to 604-813-2105.

Union Health Benefits

Local 40 is reaching out to employers about extending your medical coverage to protect you and your family.  Click here for answers to questions you have about health benefits.  For updates on your health benefits, please text “Local40” to 393939.

Job Opportunities for Local 40 Members

Local 40 has been working with Compass Group to allow for Local 40 members to be offered positions IMMEDIATELY in area hospitals as casual cleaning employees throughout B.C.  Click here to learn more.

Other Assistance

There has been a flurry of announcements regarding financial assistance from various levels of government to workers in need of support.  Check here for ongoing updates on our website.

For Members Who are Working

We want to make sure that members who are working during this time are safe and provided with proper training and safety gear.  No one should have to choose between income and protecting their health.  If you have any concerns about health and safety at your workplace, please contact your organizer or workplace committee contact.

Regular Communications with Local 40 Members

This week, Local 40 held a conference call with over 150 committee members representing workplaces across the province to provide updates.  We will continue to update members regularly.  If you have questions about your workplace, please contact your organizer or committee person.  And if you have family and friends working in hospitality and food service who need assistance, they are welcome to contact us as well at

Now more than ever, we need to work together as we will go much further together than on our own. 

In solidarity,

Zailda Chan




To download a PDF of this information, please click here.


How long will my Union Health Benefits last if I’ve been laid off?

All of our union members have different eligibility depending on your workplace. Please call Member Service Centre between 9am and 430pm at 604-294-4441, state your first and last name and your workplace. They will tell you if you’ve been laid off how long your current medical benefits will last.

For most employees that have been working for an average of 30-40 hours per week for the past 3-4 months, your health care benefits will continue through the end of April, or beyond.

Again, to check on your health care coverage, please contact:

Local 40 Hospitality Industry Member Service Centre

c/o Morneau

2nd Floor—411 Dunsmuir Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 1X4


Hours of Operation: 9am to 5pm

Local Phone: 604-294-4441

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-661-2766

Fax: 604-632-9930



What if I have health care benefits through my Employer and not through the Union?

You should contact your Employer and ask if they’ll be extending your health benefits and for how long. You should also speak to your Union Representative and Department committee member about how to pressure your Employer to do the right thing.


Do I have to pay Union Dues if I am laid off to keep my Health Benefits?

No. If you are laid off, you will not pay Union Dues regardless of your medical coverage.  You will be put on a withdrawal card and your health care coverage will continue as described above.


Will my Union Health Benefits be extended beyond my current eligibility?

Local 40 believes all Employers should be extending medical benefits in this time of crisis. Some employers across North America have already committed to extend medical benefits and we will be calling on all of our B.C. Employers to do the same. Local 40 and Union Committee members will be discussing how to ensure employers extend medical benefits soon.


If you would like updates on health benefits, please text Local40 to 393939.

If you have an issue that is NOT being addressed by the Member Service Centre, please contact