Local 40 Sodexo Proposal: 3 Year Agreement

Wage Increases

-Immediate $4-5 increase (equal to KMP contract)

-$1 increase every year thereafter


-10 hour guarantee for those who want it

-Overtime- 1.5x after 8 hours, 1.5x on Saturdays 2x on Sundays


-Local 40 Civeo Pension: $3.85/hour


-Local 40 Benefits- 100% Paid by company

-Note: Local 40 benefits are far superior to Sodexo/Steelworker proposal

Housekeeping Workload

-# Rooms: 8hr-20 rooms 10hr-24 rooms

-Each check out counts for 2 rooms

-Each linen change counts for 1.5 room

-Rooms Clean every day

Travel- Flights paid for 100% by the company

Compensation for Locals

-50 cent/Km travel pay

-Child Care Subsidy

-Options for locals to stay in camp


Note: most of what is in this proposal, has already been won by Local 40 members in Kitimat.  A $40 billion contract has more than enough money to meet our demands.