ATCO Blue River Camp Workers Reach Union Contract

Workers at Trans Mountain pipeline secure deal including 10-22% wage increases immediately, following ATCO Valemount Camp Workers

Blue River, B.C. — Camp workers in Blue River, represented by UNITE HERE Local 40,  have ratified a standard-setting union contract with ATCO by a 96% “yes” vote. Blue River camp is the second unionized ATCO camp on the Trans Mountain pipeline. The agreement includes wage increases of up to 22% immediately depending on classifications, housekeeping workload protections, free and improved health care coverage, and up to $455 per month in travel pay for some workers.

The agreement with ATCO covers frontline workers who cook, clean, sanitize, and maintain the Trans Mountain pipeline camp. The union bargaining committee achieved their first two-year collective agreement after workers formed a union in March this year. First cooks will be making $31.40 and second cooks $29.40 in less than a year, with retroactive bonuses for most workers.

“I’m so glad that we ATCO Blue River workers united as a team to win this contract. Everybody was on the same page. The company was very cooperative with us when we started a union all the way up to reaching the contract. Now, with more money in my pocket I can pay my personal bills, and care for my wife and daughter,” said Sandeep Erri, a First Cook at ATCO Blue River camp.

This new agreement comes after ATCO Valemount camp workers reached a historic contract with similar wage increases and job protections this past March. Valemount camp was the first unionized ATCO camp on the Trans Mountain pipeline. With hundreds of newly organized camp members including those at Civeo, Horizon North Kitimat, Kitimat LNG, and Parsnip Lodge, UNITE HERE Local 40 is the fastest growing camp workers’ union in B.C.

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