Hilton Metrotown, Lufthansa Named in Lawsuit Filed by Protester Struck by Bus / Workers Launch Website Calling On Lufthansa’s Flight Crew to Stop Crossing Picket Line at Hilton Metrotown

Vancouver, B.C. — A protester hit by a bus carrying Lufthansa flight crew across the picket line has filed a lawsuit against Lufthansa and the Hilton Metrotown. Lufthansa crew members had crossed the picket line for weeks ahead of the shocking incident despite Hilton Metrotown workers’ protests to stop. Now, the workers are launching a website — www.lufthansastreikbrecher.org — to call on Lufthansa’s flight crew unions to stop crossing their picket line. Lufthansa flight crews are using the hotel as a stopover accommodation, where they have been intercepted by locked out workers leafleting, chanting, and holding German signs and banners. 

The new website features video footage of the bus, which was carrying Lufthansa crew members, barreling into the picket line and hitting a protester. A security guard can be heard yelling, “Run them over!” The protestor is seeking damages including $10,000 for pain and suffering, over the motives of the hotel, bus driver, and security for driving him over, and costs incurred from the incident. The defendants in the lawsuit are Charter Bus Lines of BC Limited, Lufthansa, Excalibur Security Services, and Hilton Metrotown.

“We are outraged that Lufthansa flight crews were in the bus that was encouraged by hotel security to run us over. It is a long-standing tradition to honour the picket lines of other unions, and solidarity doesn’t end at the border. We’re calling on Lufthansa crews to stop staying at this hotel immediately,” said Sergio Moyer, locked out Guest Services lead at Hilton Metrotown.

Hilton Metrotown locked out workers on April 16, 2021 after firing 97 staff. The employer has refused to commit to return long-term workers back to their jobs as business recovers. The British Columbia Federation of Labour representing 500,000 union members has issued a boycott of Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. Hotel workers are entering the 6th week of the lockout.

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