Inn at Laurel Point Workers Ratify 3-Year Collective Agreement

Laurel Point’s “Wedding Advisory” comes to an end.

Inn at Laurel Point workers, members of UNITE HERE Local 40, have won a new contract that raises wage and benefit standards at the hotel. Under terms of the new agreement which was overwhelmingly ratified on June 21st, Inn at Laurel Point workers will receive:

• Wage gains of 3%, 2.5% and 2.5%, respectively, for most workers during each year of the agreement;
• Fully retroactive wage increases;
• Improved eligibility for medical coverage to 20 hours/week;
• New paramedical, dental and vision benefits;
• Protection against reductions in benefits and changes in cost by the employer;
• Renovation recall rights in the event of future hotel remodeling; and
• A process to address outstanding workload issues.

This agreement comes in the wake of months of protests and actions at the Inn at Laurel Point. Community groups, religious leaders, politicians, local unions, and local Victoria businesses demonstrated their support for the workers through delegations, rallies and other actions.

The new agreement also brings the to an end a “Wedding Advisory” issued in May to educate prospective wedding customers about working conditions at the hotel.

“At a time when the hospitality industry is generating record revenues, this agreement represents significant economic gains and an opportunity for our members at the Laurel Point to share in the industry’s success,” said Robert Demand, President of UNITE HERE Local 40.