Coast Plaza workers rally for job security and recall rights prior to the company’s offer of a fair contract proposal 

Local 40 members at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites have ratified a new 3 year contract which includes:

  • 95 cent raise over 3 years
  • Improved specialist, vision & dental benefits
  • 30 cent increase in pension contributions
  • 15% transit discount
  • Improved job security rights – including renovation recall & enhanced severance pay

All of us want to see Coast Hotels remain as the operator of the Coast Plaza,” said Robert Demand, President of UNITE HERE! Local 40, “but we had to improve job security rights and severance pay in case the owners of the hotel decide to convert to apartments or to bring in another hotel operator“.

Winning a guaranteed right to return to work after construction or renovations was a huge concern for all of us” said Yvette Beasley, Bartender & Committee member.

Veteran Committee leader Gulzar Grewal added “job security and recall rights were so important to us so we pushed the company, held a rally and they heard us!

Members delegate at Coast Plaza

Delegation at Coast Plaza

Showing solidarity

 Showing Solidarity

Rally for a Fair Contract

Rally for a Fair Contract