HMS Host workers at YVR ratify new contract by 98%

doc_15HMS Host workers at YVR overwhelmingly ratified a new union contract today by a vote of 98%. The Host workers won job security improvements in all units, a pathway for Milestones workers to transfer to the new White Spot restaurant, layoff and recall rights, significant wage gains, increased pension contributions and better union access at YVR.

Fipe Wong, a 13-year cook in Palominos, said, “I think we made history at the airport. At the end of the day, its not about the money. Its about the union and being united.”

After a one-day strike and a 6-day lockout, both HMS Host and union members engaged in tough bargaining, made necessary compromises and came away with an agreement in time for the Vancouver Airport’s busiest day ever, March 1.

Local 40 salutes the courage of the Host workers.