Job Posting: Hotel Worker Organizer

UNITE HERE Local 40, BC’s union for hospitality workers, is seeking a Hotel Worker Organizer to recruit, train and mobilize workers to win strong workplace standards. We are committed to developing rank-and-file leadership, organizing the unorganized, and to building a strong, fighting labour union. Local 40 is a growing local union with a diverse membership working in hotels, food service, airports, and resource camps across the province.


Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to working for social justice through a strong a labour movement. The successful applicant we are looking for is driven, courageous, open to feedback, hard working, and a fighter with a deep commitment to social change. The position entails irregular hours including work in the evenings and weekends.


Responsibilities include:


  • Identify, recruit and develop worker-leaders through one-on-one communication;
  • Build and maintain active worker committees;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to move workers to take collective action and build power;
  • Identify and meet with worker leaders to recruit and train them as union leaders for their particular workplace campaign, in union and non-union settings;
  • Promote rank and file leadership development;
  • Identify workplace issues, learn the relevant collective agreement language, and pursue resolution through the grievance and arbitration procedures;
  • Move workers into action on the shop floor to enforce their rights;
  • Oversee and do grievance handling with worker leaders and organizers;
  • Help to organize and run meetings and large actions;
  • Frequently attend multiple distant locations within a short time span in order to meet with workers at their homes and other sites. Many of these locations will not be easily accessible by public transit.




  • Dedication to social and economic justice, and specifically to building a strong labor movement;
  • Demonstrated skill in developing leaders, building unity within a diverse group, and inspiring others to take action;
  • Demonstrated ability in running, planning and driving campaigns and goals;
  • Demonstrated ability to use independent judgment within the context of an overall plan and structure;
  • Excellent communication skills in one-on-one and group settings;
  • Good organizational and administrative skills, including basic computer skills;
  • Willing and able to travel to appropriate work sites, and to work long and irregular work hours;
  • Must have valid driver’s license.


Job Requirements:

1 year of experience as a labour/union organizer, rank and file union activist, and/or experience working with the student, immigrant, LGBTQ+, and/or environmental activist communities.


Contact: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume outlining relevant experience and including references to Only candidates meeting all requirements will be contacted for interviews.