UNITE HERE Local 40 Statement regarding H.I.R. misinformation

H.I.R., the employer’s representative at Pacific Gateway Hotel, has provided statements to media misinforming them about bargaining.

In the month of April the Union offered 8 potential days for bargaining (April 14, 16, 20, 21, 22,  26, 27 & 30) with the Pacific Gateway. We received no reply to schedule any Pacific Gateway negotiations in April. The same was true in March 2021, the Union offered dates and there was no response on behalf of the hotel.

We committed to H.I.R. on May 5th that we are more than willing to negotiate in good faith and are ready to meet as soon as the employer has a new proposal for the Union that finds a path forward on recall for laid off workers and takes permanent concessions off the table.

Similarly at Hilton Metrotown, the Union is prepared to meet when the employer, also represented by H.I.R., has a new proposal regarding recall and concessions during a temporary crisis.