Job Posting: UNITE HERE Local 40 Political/Community Campaign Organizer

UNITE HERE Local 40 is seeking a political/community campaign organizer to support organizing and collective bargaining campaigns. This Organizer will lead solidarity-building efforts in support of these campaigns, represent the union in coalition and political initiatives, and assist with other aspects of the union’s programs.

This position will also include conducting industry, corporate, real estate and political research and analysis to develop and carry out campaigns focused on winning economic justice for low wage, primarily migrant hospitality workers. Our campaigns organize non-union workers and secure improved standards for existing union members in the hotel and food service industries.

Job responsibilities will include:

  • Assist workers and staff in all aspects of organizing and contract campaigns.
  • Build relationships and communicate with elected officials, community organizations, and others.
  • Train rank and file workers to lead meetings with community organizations.
  • Organize demonstrations and actions in support of union campaigns.
  • Represent Local 40 in labor councils and other coalitions.
  • Communicate and build relationships with a wide variety of players including community organizations, other labour unions, company officials, hotel customers, government staff and elected leaders
  • Develop and carry out campaign strategies and tactics
  • Work with UNITE HERE members, organizers, regional staff and elected leaders; assist in moving campaigns forward through organizing, leading actions, doing political work, as needed.
  • Research companies using a wide variety of sources, including published databases, on-line and Internet sources
  • Conduct local and field research on companies, industries and/or real estate development projects
  • Develop company analyses and adapt them for various audiences (e.g. leadership & staff, workers, stockholders, political & regulatory bodies, the public)

Desired Qualifications include:

  • Significant experience in community organizing, particularly in relation to labor issues;
  • Passion for, and commitment to, fighting for workers’ rights
  • Ability to work effectively with organizers and regional leaders required;
  • Ability to work under pressure, including long hours and weekends as needed;
  • Strong analytical, writing, computer and interpersonal/organizing skills
  • University degree or relevant research and/or activist experience (labour, political, urban planning, or community/campus.
  • Travel as needed;
  • Familiarity with database and word processing software
  • Reliable car and driver’s license (Optional though preferred)

Current UNITE HERE political/community campaigners have worked in the past as community and union organizers, urban planners, journalists, teachers, and researchers.

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to Mike Biskar at by Dec. 11, 2020. Women, LGBTQ, and People of Color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Salary is commensurate with experience. Positions include health and retirement benefits.