Camp Workers at Civeo in Kitimat Win Historic Improvements in Workload

Great news for Kitimat camp workers! Camp workers at Civeo in Kitimat have won historic improvements in workload. With these changes, we expect Civeo housekeepers on average will clean 5 rooms LESS each day.


  • 11 checkout LIMIT on a 10 hour shift!
  • LESS rooms for linen change rooms!
  • LESS rooms for more than 3 checkouts!
  • LESS rooms for travel time between rooms!
  • LESS rooms for travelling to additional floors!
  • LESS rooms for extra walkdowns!

“Many of us will now have several less rooms to clean everyday day. That means less stress, less injuries, and better morale,” said Monika Schuster, Housekeeping Shop Steward and Committee member. “I’m proud of our housekeepers, who stood together and won major improvements. When Local 40 members stand strong, we can improve our lives.”