Press Release: Rosewood Hotel Georgia Strikers Celebrate Industry-Leading Contract, Vancouver hotel strike ends after 59 days

On November 18, UNITE HERE Local 40 hotel workers on strike at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia voted to ratify a historic new contract in Vancouver’s hospitality industry. The vote to approve this ground-breaking contract ends the picket line outside of the hotel. The 59-day strike at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia has been the longest hotel workers’ strike in Vancouver’s history.

Rosewood hotel workers secured a wage and benefit package with record wage increases, standard-setting wage increases for cooks, higher gratuities for banquet workers and other premiums for tipped staff, and important new safety measures. The new agreement funds expansion of health care for seasonal banquet workers and Reflections restaurant staff, amid other improvements.

“We have finally won the contract we deserve.  I am very proud of my co-workers for staying united and who struck, rain or shine, for eight weeks. I am also thankful to all the people who supported us and reminded us that we are not alone. We have shown this hotel and others in Vancouver that hotel workers will fight for respect and a fair workplace,” said May Tanjusay, a room attendant and union bargaining committee member from Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

The contract settlement marks the end of a series of hotel strikes in Vancouver that began in September. Rosewood workers received an outpouring of support from the community who supported strikers in weekly actions and from customers who refused to cross the picket line.

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