UNITE HERE Local 40 endorses Irene Lanzinger for BC Federation of Labour President

UNITE HERE Local 40 is proud to endorse Irene Lanzinger for President of the BC Federation of Labour. Irene is a proven labour leader, with vast experience as Chief Negotiator and President of the BC Teachers Federation. She is currently the Secretary-Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour.

Irene Lanzinger“The first time I met Irene I knew she was a real fighter,” said Robert Demand, President of UNITE HERE Local 40. “Our members at the Delta Hotel in Richmond were locked in tough contract negotiations and they had asked other unions for support. Irene, as President of the BC Teachers Federation, was the first to jump into action. She was decisive and tough. Irene went to the hotel and made it clear to management that either they settle a fair contract now or the Teachers Federation would cancel all future business. The hotel settled and the workers at the Delta won UNITE HERE’s  Vancouver hotel standard. Irene understood the fight then and she knows the challenges working people face now. We need Irene Lanzinger as President of the BC Federation of Labour.”

For more information on Irene’s campaign, visit irenelanzinger.ca or contact Phillip Legg at 604-788-2877