Historic Hotel Georgia set to re-open

After more than a 4-year shut down, the historic Hotel Georgia is scheduled to re-open in early May and UNITE HERE! Local 40 is working hard to return long-time Union members to the hotel.

If you worked at the Hotel Georgia prior to the shut down and wish to return to the hotel–which will be operated by Rosewood Hotels and will require training to meet their very demanding level of guest service–you must first meet the following eligibility requirements and then notify the Union in writing by March 9, 2011 that you wish to return.

To be eligible for recall to the hotel you must meet 3 conditions:

(a)    You were actively employed at the Hotel Georgia through December 31, 2006;

(b)    You accepted a layoff from the hotel on January 1, 2007 and did not accept severance pay

If your answer was “Yes” to (a) & (b) and you wish to return to the new Hotel Georgia, you must notify the Union in writing by no later than March 9, 2011.

To notify the Union of your desire to be recalled to work, please provide Local 40 with your name, previous job classification, home address, email address and phone number.  You can fax this information to the Union at (604) 291-2676 or contact Jim Pearson at (604) 473-4830