BREAKING: Sheraton Vancouver Airport Violates Labour Law Third Time

Employer continues to use unlawful replacement workers in an attempt to undermine strike


Vancouver, BC —The BC Labour Relations Board has declared that the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel violated the Labour Code by continuing to use impermissible replacement workers to perform the duties of striking UNITE HERE Local 40 members. The Vice Chair of the Labour Board issued a cease and desist order against hotel management for assigning impermissible replacement workers a greater proportion of concierge work than that previously shared between the bargaining unit and management.

This is the third law violation the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel has committed since workers walked off the job three weeks ago in their fight for wages that keep up with the escalating cost of living in Metro Vancouver. On June 30, the Labour Board ordered the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, the Hilton Vancouver Airport, and the Vancouver Airport Marriott to stop contracting shuttle bus companies and paying taxi drivers to perform the work of striking employees.

On June 23, the Labour Board ordered the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel to cease and desist using any impermissible workers to perform the work of any bargaining unit employee that is on strike after the hotel was caught using six unlawful replacement workers. This included the hotel using replacement workers to backfill the work of a Front Desk Duty manager.

“It makes me angry that our managers seem to have no issue breaking laws during our strike and continue to use replacement workers. The refuse to treat us with respect and acknowledge they need their staff to keep the Sheraton Vancouver Airport running as guests expect. My coworkers and I want to get back to work – but we’re not working for less than living wages,” said Felisha Perry, banquet server.

The BC Federation of Labour has declared a public boycott of the three hotels, Sheraton Vancouver Airport, where workers are on strike, and the non-union Hilton Vancouver Airport and Vancouver Airport Marriott next door, which are operated by the same company. The workers continue to picket outside of the Sheraton Vancouver Airport daily from 7am to 7pm.


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