Press Release: Tenants Fight Larco for Safe Housing at Hearing

Second group of Larco tenants voice concerns over housing conditions

Vancouver, BC – West End tenants are facing off with major property developer and landlord, Larco Investments. At a BC Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) hearing yesterday, tenants of Regency Park Residences at 1225 Cardero Street aired concerns over how landlord Larco has addressed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) issues in the building since 2017.

In September 2017, the City of Vancouver confirmed that the Regency Park ventilation system was not functioning. They referred the matter to the city prosecutor to enforce an HVAC repair order in July 2018. The City later decided against pursuing legal action. Recently, the tenants requested the City take action to ensure Larco completes proper HVAC repairs. Twenty-seven written testimonies were provided by tenants of Regency Park stating multiple issues with air quality and ventilation in the building over the years. Some report serious health concerns that they say may be caused by indoor air pollution in their homes. A city inspector was sent to Regency Park on March 4, who found multiple HVAC building code violations.

Tenants are seeking repairs to the ventilation system and monetary compensation.

“The tenants and their children living at 1225 Cardero have been breathing in polluted air for the past seven years,” said Aissa Aggoune, resident of Regency Park for 17 years. “Enforcement is needed to ensure Larco makes the necessary building repairs, so the 200 plus families of Regency Park have safe and healthy homes, and can live in dignity.”

Health Link BC’s webpage on Environmental Illness states: “Poor ventilation that restricts fresh air flow inside can be a cause of sick building syndrome.”

This is now the second group of tenants raising issues with Larco. Tenants of Fontainebleau Apartments (5455 Balsam Street) held a rally against Larco rezoning their building in October 2023. The rezoning application is currently pending approval by the City of Vancouver. Those tenants complained that Larco had been cutting services, including heating.

Larco Investments is owned by the Lalji family, one of the wealthiest families in Canada, who holds a large portfolio of real estate including Park Royal mall, Maple Leaf Storage, and hotels, including the Sheraton Vancouver Airport.

The RTB has yet to rule on the allegations.


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