BREAKING: Company violated law by paying non-union drivers to transport guests from airport to Sheraton Vancouver Airport, Vancouver Airport Marriott, and Hilton Vancouver Airport during strike

Labour Board issues cease and desist order against Larco Hospitality affiliates


Vancouver, BC — The BC Labour Board has ordered the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, the Hilton Vancouver Airport, and the Vancouver Airport Marriott to stop contracting shuttle bus companies and paying taxi drivers to perform the work of striking employees. The Board issued the ruling in favour of UNITE HERE Local 40, which represents the strikers.

Sheraton Airport workers, including shuttle bus drivers, have been on strike since June 14. The three hotels breached the labour code by using contracted shuttle bus companies, by directly paying cab drivers, and by reimbursing guests for taxi services between the airport and the hotels. Larco Hospitality operates the three hotels which are in the same complex. The Board ordered the employer to cease and desist from paying these non-union drivers to transport guests to and from the hotels.

The Vice Chair ruled that the three hotels are controlled by a common employer in this decision. The order was issued on June 30. This is the second time in as many weeks the employer has violated the labour code by using replacement workers.

The BC Federation of Labour has declared a public boycott of the three hotels, Sheraton Vancouver Airport, where workers are on strike, and the non-union Hilton Vancouver Airport and Vancouver Airport Marriott next door.


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