Notice regarding dues receipts (T4’s) & medical benefits (T4A’s)

Union Dues T4’s

Local 40 will be issuing the official Union Dues receipts by the end of February.

It is important to use the official union dues receipt provided to you from the Union.  Do not rely on the amount that your employer puts on your T4 as the employer’s amount may include monies that are not tax-deductible (e.g. initiation and reinstatement fees.)

Medical Benefit T4A’s

The T4A represents the taxable medical benefit paid through your employer.  Morneau Shepell (the Fund) will be mailing your T4A by the end of February.


To guarantee that you receive both T4’s, please make sure that both Local 40 and the Health Care Fund/Member Service Centre have your correct address.

For any further questions, please contact:

Local 40 Union Dues Department: 604-473-4825 or 604-473-4824

Local 40 Member Service Centre: 604-294-4441                                                                      (#202-411 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver ·