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Great News! The Labour Board has scheduled our Union Vote for Tuesday September 15th at 12 pm noon until Wednesday September 16th at 12 pm noon. You’ll get an email on Monday evening from the Labour Board.

Are you ready to vote yes to join Local 40?

Join us and vote yes!

“We need all camp workers united under Local 40 to fight for our fair share of a $40 billion project!”
– Masih Rafiania, 1st Cook
Local 40 Committee
Civeo in Kitimat

“We voted to join Local 40 last year. It’s our decision when we started paying dues, when we achieved a contract we were happy with.”
– Ingrid Kujendani, Housekeeper
Local 40 Committee Member
Horizon North at Crossroads Lodge in Kitimat

If you haven’t already, please reply to this email so we know that we’ve got your correct email address.

In solidarity,