🚗 Today’s the Day!! See you at the Car Caravan!! 🚙

WHAT: Car Caravan in Downtown Vancouver


  • CARS: Meet at 11:45 am near Portside Park (aka Crab Park). Get the exact address from your committee leader or organizer!
  • PEDESTRIANS: Meet outside Burrard Skytrain Station at 11:45 am
  • NOTE: We will be holding a press conference at 11:45 am outside Hyatt Regency Vancouver hotel.

WHERE:  Along Burrard Street

If you aren’t able to come out, join us on Facebook Live at facebook.com/unitehere40!

*Load your immediate family into your car, pack snacks and water, wear a mask if your windows are down and you are next to other cars, stay in your vehicle, and do not get out during caravan.

*If you’re coming by foot, please wear gloves and a mask and be sure to follow physical distancing protocol! (6 feet or 2 metres apart). We’ll have masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer if you need them.

*Make a BIG colorful sign, decorate your car, and hang union swag on the outside of your car. Be creative! We want to share your signs on social media!

*FOR DRIVERS: Head to the meeting location by 11:45 am and look for other decorated cars in a parking lot. If you don’t have a sign, we’ll have some for you! Then follow the cars as we head out to Burrard!

*If you are in traffic – stay. Listen to music and enjoy the caravan. Wherever you are in traffic, you are participating in the caravan!

*Post pictures and videos of what you see and tag us on social media! #unitehere #local40 #bringusback





  • Dear Justin, protect our jobs!
  • Don’t give my job to someone else!
  • I’ve served __X Hotel__for __X_ years. Don’t replace me!
  • Government asked us to stay home; now we need government to help save our jobs
  • ____, hire me back! (Holiday Inn, hire me back!, Blue Horizon, don’t replace me!)
    __(name of hotel)_, don’t replace me!
    __(name of hotel)_, we want to keep our jobs!

See you on the streets, stay safe, and have fun!