Will you join us on June 3rd?

Naden Abenes, Laid-off Room Attendant
Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Years of service: 12

“Hi, I’m Naden. I am a laid-off hotel worker. The government asked us to stay home to protect public health. Now it’s time for the government to help us keep our jobs. Will you join me and other hospitality workers on June 3rd for a car caravan in downtown Vancouver? We want to save our jobs!”

Darcy Dawson
Server, Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown
Years of Service: 2

“I’m afraid our industry will be the last that government thinks about. When I got laid-off, I told myself it’s not just me, it’s everyone. Covid is nobody’s fault, so nobody should be punished. That means we should be able to return to the same job at the same pay rate and benefits.. The government has the power to do that, to make sure we get our jobs back. This is my first job where I’ve had better job security and medical and dental benefits, and all that is going to go to the wayside because of COVID-19?”

JOIN US: 12 noon on June 3rd! https://www.facebook.com/events/564206074237903/
Speakers at noon outside Burrard Skytrain Station.
Cars to meet at Waterfront Road near Portside (aka Crab) Park at 11:45 am.
Talk to your committee leader or organizer for more details.