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Send your vote for Job Steward to:

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Job Steward Election 

Voting Instructions: Please read carefully 

You have two options on how to vote:

  • Vote by email: Send name of which job steward candidate (Danny Kent or Monika Schuster) you are voting for to:
    Email voting times start Thursday September 17th at 9am and end Friday September 18th at 4pm. 
  • Vote In Person
    – Sitka voting location: games room
    – Annex voting location: dining area

In Person Voting times:

Thursday September 17th
9-11:30am @ Sitka
12 noon-1pm @ Annex
8-10pm @ Sitka

Friday September 18th
8:30-9:30am @ Sitka
11-12am @ Annex
2-4pm @Sitka

Below are both Job Steward Candidates Statements.


To all Local 40 members that are employed by Civeo at Sitka Lodge and Annex 2.

Once again it’s time to vote. The vote will be held September 17th and 18th as most of you have been emailed.

I would like to congratulate the housekeepers on their successful win on the number of rooms they have to clean. That being said with covid19 in our world right now, I am sure you have to be more diligent towards the rooms you do have to clean.

Together I am sure that there will be many more issues to fight and win together.  As a union we need to keep housekeeping and kitchen together on all issues there is no more time for being in the dark.

Back to the job Steward position that is up for vote. I would like to thank everybody that took the time last vote to go out and vote. Remember everybody’s vote is important. You are the union! Your voice matters in any decision that is made dealing with safety, job security and income.

JOB STEWARD’S PRINCIPLES:  honesty, openness, fairness and respect.  I have all these qualities to be a proper Job Steward.

JOB STEWARD’S DUTIES: investigate grievances, pay attention, don’t play favourites, represent equally and in good faith, do not discriminate.

A little bit about me now. I have owned several businesses and had several managerial positions.  I was with Teamsters Local 213 for 8 years, I graduated in Vernon BC. I went to BCIT, there I took sales marketing and food beverage cost control. I am very meticulous and methodical.

I will always be completely transparent and easy to approach. Nobody will be left in the dark like I feel most of us have been.

Remember the three types of people in the world; make it happen, watch it happen and wonder what the hell happened. Together United we can make things happen.

Get out and vote, make the right decision it’s about everybody’s  livelihood .




I’m Monika Schuster, employed at Sitka Lodge since Dec of 2018 as a Camp Attendant. I’m a 55 years old woman and at the wages I have, I literarily can’t afford the place I am living in. In 2015 I worked for almost 26$ an hour and it was comfortable, I could pay my bills and put a little away. I can’t at 20$ an hour.  Every pay cheque I go further into debt and I can’t do it anymore!  I know many of you are in the same boat as me, and together we can make a change.

From  the first week here at Sitka I asked about the collective agreement and started enforcing it right away.  Talking to my coworkers I have jumped in with both feet and when I didn’t get an answer, I found it one way or another.  I’m not afraid to push our union leadership to make sure that Kitimat workers are being represented fairly.

I’ve been a Shop Steward, and I have helped people with tons of union questions.   I’m not afraid to say I don’t know something, but I’ll get the answer from someone who does.   We have filed many grievances, and have won many- removing unjust disciplines, getting back pay, and protecting seniority.  Recently, Civeo housekeepers won huge workload protections that will result in many of us having to clean 5 less rooms on most days.  I didn’t do this on my own, I worked with a great group of committee members willing to do their part.

As Job Steward I look forward to getting to know the kitchen staff and front desk more and helping them a bit more with any concerns they may have.

One of the most important things is all we need more money.  I believe that we all deserve so much more and have a right to demand it! Without all of us, none of these camps would be operating!  This is a $40 billion dollar project, and our wages are insulting.  I want to fight for a wage we can live on.  If we are united, I believe we can get the change we deserve.  As Job Steward, I will do everything I can to stand up for a fair wage and respect for all of us.

Monika Shuster