UNITE HERE Local 40 is asking you to send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau TODAY!

The federal government is proposing punitive legislation that could allow workers on CERB to be fined triple penalties if they fail to return to work when an employer makes a request for their return. Why is the government making us choose between our families’ safety and returning to jobs that may put us at risk?

Instead of penalizing workers, we need Prime Minister Trudeau’s help to keep us from falling through the cracks! Before they try to reform CERB, let’s send a message to the Prime Minister:

  • Don’t penalize laid-off workers by making us choose between our safety and unsafe work;
  • Fix CEWS: Compel employers to use the Wage Subsidy program and keep us attached to our jobs, and extend CERB to allow workers to survive in the meantime;
  • Extend the period that we can safely return to our jobs as the industry recovers. Due to Covid, workers in hard-hit industries could be laid-off for another 12 to 24 months. We don’t want the pandemic used as an excuse to replace us.

Hospitality workers need the government’s help to get through this economic crisis. Click here to send a message to the Prime Minister TODAY!