September 11, 2020

Here at Local 40, we’ve always been committed to building a fighting union to win respect and improve our jobs. Now, more than ever, we’re committed to doing all we can to make sure Kitimat camp workers get a fair share of a $40 billion project. We’ve started this newsletter to ensure that you get the latest information and stay connected with Local 40, Kitimat’s Camp Workers Union.

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✊ VICTORY! Civeo Housekeepers win Historic Improvements in Workload 📣

Great news! Camp workers at Civeo have won historic improvements in workload. With these changes, we expect Civeo housekeepers on average will clean 5 rooms LESS each day.


✔️11 checkout LIMIT on a 10 hour shift!
✔️LESS rooms for linen change rooms!
✔️LESS rooms for more than 3 checkouts!
✔️LESS rooms for travel time between rooms!
✔️LESS rooms for travelling to additional floors!
✔️LESS rooms for extra walkdowns!

“Many of us will now have several less rooms to clean everyday day. That means less stress, less injuries, and better morale,” said Monika Schuster, Housekeeping Shop Steward and Committee member. “I’m proud of our housekeepers, who stood together and won major improvements. When Local 40 members stand strong, we can improve our lives.”

Did You Know?

That every hour a Civeo Local 40 member works, $3.85 goes into their pension?

That is OVER $8,000 a year for a full-time worker!

How much does Sodexo put to your retirement? ZERO. No pension. No RRSP.

Local 40 Hardship Fund: We are Still Accepting Applications!

Can I apply even if I’m not a Local 40 member? Yes! All camp workers (unionized and non-unionized) can apply.

How much can I get? No more than $500 per person will be given.

What does it cover? The hardship fund will aid workers during emergency situations such as foreclosure/evictions, utilities being shut off, medical bills in collections, death/funeral expenses, food, diapers, or other critical circumstances.

How many people can Local 40 help? We will help as many of our members as we can.

How can I help ensure my application will be approved? Be sure to submit delinquent bills, including the amount owed and the contact information of the company/landlord/person you owe money to. Explain in detail the assistance you have attempted to get elsewhere and in detail what you need money for.

How do I apply? Apply online here.

If I need help applying, who can I ask? Call our hotline number (1-877-491-2651 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm).

🔦 Member Spotlight: Kathy Wallace 🔦


“Horizon North tried to get us a bad union with a cheap contract. We demanded to get Local 40, the camp workers’ union, and got a contract with immediate $3-4 wage increases. To think that I started a year ago at $15 and now I make $23 is a huge victory, and that wouldn’t have been possible without getting organized with Local 40.

It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Local 40 to get this contract in place and to have a ratification vote. We’re excited about our future.”

– Kathy Wallace, Cook
Local 40 Committee Member
Horizon North in Kitimat

Who is Local 40?
Local 40 is Kitimat’s camp workers’ union.

Local 40 is Growing in Kitimat. In the last year, three separate groups of workers joined Local 40, which now represents over 300 workers in Kitimat! Together we can improve the lives of all camp workers. Learn more by joining the Facebook group Kitimat Workers Rising.

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