Has your employer guaranteed you’ll be back to work after COVID-19?Are you concerned about your future and the future of the hotel industry?
Local 40 is fighting to protect hotel workers’ jobs across BC. No worker should lose their job just because of a pandemic.
Last week, with our support, Pan Pacific workers filed a class action lawsuit against their employer for wrongful terminations.
The suit alleges the hotel misled workers, wrongfully terminated them without cause or notice, and cheated them out of severance pay owed to them for their years of service. If the suit is successful, workers could potentially receive a payout worth up to $3 million.

Check out media clips on the lawsuit here:

Local 40 is supporting fired hotel workers who want to file a class action lawsuit to get compensation they are owed. We will pursue all legal means to protect your jobs.
We encourage you to reply to this email if you need help or have any questions regarding your job security. All communication will be confidential.


– Local 40