Frequently Asked Questions about the Union


How can the Union protect my banquet service charge?
In other unionized private clubs, there is union contract language where the club is REQUIRED to be transparent.  Every 2 weeks, you see a break down posted on the board showing the total service charge, the % going to the staff and the % going to management.  If management violates this, we can take legal action and if we win, they would have to pay back the service charge monies that they owe you.

How can the Union help with Job Security?
The Union is there to fight for you. If you feel that you were disciplined, suspended, or terminated unfairly, the Union can file a grievance on your behalf and take your case to a 3rd party. If the Union is successful, you can be reinstated to your job with full back pay and seniority.

If your club is shutdown due to any reason such as the COVID pandemic, you have recall rights that protect your seniority for up to 8 months of layoff.

If your club is sold and a new owner takes over, the law REQUIRES the new owner to follow the same union contract, with wages, benefits, and seniority.  This is ONLY for unionized workplaces.

Why should I vote YES for the Union?
If you want the Union to legally represent you, you should join 400 private club workers across the Lower Mainland who are working together for a better life.  If you stay with the Union, our main negotiation goals in 2021 will be:

  1. Wage Increase—so you can be equal to other unionized Local 40 golf clubs
  2. Pension—so your long term coworkers can retire with dignity.
  3. Tip Protections—so you get your tips in a timely manner and so banquet servers get their fair share of the service charge.

How does a Union benefit front of house restaurant staff?
Seniority—the system of seniority ensures that your years of service are valued so that you get to work more hours than the newest employees—and makes sure that management cannot play favourites.

Tip Protections—you shouldn’t have to wait months to be paid out gratuities—management should be required to pay you this money no later than one month after you provided the service. This needs to be a priority in negotiations in 2021.

If I’m part time why do I need the union?
Whether you are full time or part time you have the same protections such as the right to representation if you are terminated unfairly, wrongful discipline or any other unfair violation in the contract such as seniority.  For example, the union can make sure your seniority is protected if they schedule a less senior worker or a manager to do your job, or a non-union worker from another club.  If the Union wins, management would need to pay you for the shift you didn’t receive including your tips and service charge.   You are also entitled to the same medical benefits depending on the hours that you work.

Why do I have to pay union dues?
Your dues go towards legal representation, a negotiator who negotiates on your behalf (changes and improvements to your contract with the hotel) and a union representative.  Your current union representative is Christina Bencze and she has been assisting one of your coworkers for the past few months with a grievance against the club.  We are here to protect you and fight for you.

Are Union Dues Tax Deductible?
YES! The amount of union dues for the year will appear on your T4 slip and it is tax deductible. If you have questions about this, please contact your union negotiator Mike Biskar at