We call on the BC government to stand with hospitality workers and tell hotel & hospitality employers to:

    1. Create safe and healthy working conditions for all hospitality workers. This includes reassessing and revising traditional operational guidelines.
    2. Extend medical benefits for laid-off workers. We can’t afford to lose this in the middle of a public health crisis!
    3. Support worker retention by extending hospitality workers’ recall rights to 24 months because the tourism industry could take years to fully recover from this pandemic.

We don’t know when this crisis will end – we need assurance that workers in BC can weather the COVID-19 health crisis today!

Thousands of laid-off BC hospitality workers will start losing their extended health care coverage in the coming months. They’ll also lose their recall rights if the economic impact of the pandemic lasts longer than three months.

During a public health crisis, companies should be required to extend medical benefits and recall rights for laid-off staff to keep them healthy and financially stable! They also need to ensure that workers stay safe when working in hotels, food service, and airports. Hospitality workers are the backbone of BC’s thriving tourism industry. Please take action and sign the petition to tell the government we need to protect thousands of working Canadians now!