Are you aware that Sodexo at Cedar Valley Lodge has ALREADY negotiated and signed a lousy 8-YEAR AGREEMENT worth a total of $6/hour LESS than Local 40 camps?!

Kitimat’s Camp workers union, Unite Here Local 40, is growing in Kitimat! Civeo front desk workers at Sitka Lodge and the Annex just last week voted to join Local 40 and won over $6/hour in wage and benefit increases. Another 70 workers at Horizon North at Crossroads Lodge voted to join Local 40 a few months ago and are negotiating for their first contract!

While Local 40 is making improvements, Sodexo signed an inferior 8-YEAR union contract that means low wages for all of us for the next decade. This is unacceptable when LNG is a $40 billion project and the cost of living in Kitimat in skyrocketing!

Are you working at or thinking of working at Cedar Valley? Do you know anyone in your family or community working at Cedar Valley? Let us know!

We need Sodexo workers to join Local 40 today so Kitimat camp workers can speak with one voice!

Please call a Local 40 rep at 604-838-9677 today for more information!

*View the summary below comparing what Local 40 Civeo workers have and the contract that Sodexo is trying to force workers into.