September 25, 2020

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of camp updates for the week:

✊ VICTORY at Parsnip Lodge! 📣

Great news! Last Friday on September 18, camp workers at Parsnip Lodge in Prince George, BC, voted to unionize and join Local 40! Horizon North Parsnip Lodge is a camp facility that serves workers at the LNG site.

Local 40 is on the move. Nearly three months ago, 30 LNG janitors unanimously voted to join Local 40 and the union is currently organizing Sodexo workers at Cedar Valley Lodge. Parsnip Lodge’s recent move to unionize will help build camp workers’ strength and power to win better camp worker contracts throughout BC.

Horizon North Committee Members Meet with Management

Horizon North in Kitimat joined Local 40 less than a year ago. Now a committee representing front desk, housekeeping, and kitchen meet with management every couple of weeks to address issues in camp. This week’s concerns included adding rotation options, correcting problems with flights, addressing workload and having clear job descriptions, and ensuring that new members receive their benefits as soon as possible.

Update for Sodexo Workers: Labour Board Process

A Labour Board hearing will be scheduled soon to discuss Sodexo and the Steelworkers’ conduct when the camp opened. Local 40 believes that all Sodexo employees deserve to have a voice in your future. You should have a say in determining the Union that represents you and a voice in the union negotiations that will affect you and your family for the next decade. And we know camp workers standing together can do better! The first step is the Labour Board hearing. We will keep you informed.

Did you know that Local 40 benefits are much better than Steelworker benefits?

Member Spotlight: Salvacion Ross-Smith 🔦

Salvacion Ross-Smith, Room Attendant at Civeo, was part of the housekeeping department that won historic improvements in workload in Kitimat. Check out our interview with her below:

What is your day-to-day like as a room attendant and how did you come to work at Civeo?
I make beds, clean rooms, and clean the bathrooms. I was at Local 40 before I worked at Civeo. I communicated with Rowena and asked if there was Local 40 in Kitimat. I worked in sightseeing before my current job.

How has Covid changed your work?
Before there were a lot of guests coming to Civeo, about 800. Now there’s around 400. When Covid hit, I was ready. I’ve been wearing my PPE when I work. I’m never scared. I wear my mask all the time and am careful about Covid.

Recently, housekeepers at Civeo won major historic improvements in workload. Could you tell me how you were able to organize and improve your working conditions?
In the beginning when I worked at Civeo the workload was horrible. Our union rep. Harley, went to Civeo while we tried to unite the housekeeping department. Monica, who is now an elected job steward, asked us what ideas we had for having a more manageable workload. When we submitted this in writing to Harley, he sent it to management, and management accepted. Our lives are easier now since we have 22 rooms to clean a day now; before we were cleaning 30 rooms a day for 8 hours. Sometimes we had 19 to 20 linen changes. Now, if you have 10 linen changes that’s 15 rooms so it’s very easy. We are very happy. We came together, talked to each other about our workload, and Monica worked hard. She’s foundational in bringing us camp workers together.

What words of support would you give to other camp workers who want to improve and make changes in their workplace?
You need to raise your voice. You need to unite with your co-workers and talk to management if there’s a problem. You must be strong. I’m proud of my co-workers and I since we raised our voices together to improve our lives.

Who is Local 40?
Local 40 is Kitimat’s camp workers’ union.

Local 40 is Growing in Kitimat. In the last year, three separate groups of workers joined Local 40, which now represents over 300 workers in Kitimat! Together we can improve the lives of all camp workers. Learn more by joining the Facebook group Kitimat Workers Rising.

Sign up to Join Local 40 Today!

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Harley at 604 838 9677 or email [email protected]