Press Release – BREAKING: West End Tenants File Class Action Lawsuit Against Prominent Landlord Over Housing Safety

Residents report serious health concerns, seek damages for harm caused by poor air quality


Vancouver, BC – Yesterday, West End tenants filed a class action lawsuit in BC Supreme Court against their landlord, Larco Investments. The plaintiffs – representing current and former occupants of Regency Park Residences at 1225 Cardero Street – allege Larco Investments negligently caused harm to them by knowingly failing to provide and maintain proper ventilation and clean air in the building for the past nine years. The tenants are seeking a declaration that Larco Investments was negligent in failing to protect the health and safety of their tenants, and an order that Larco must pay damages for the mental and physical harm caused by their actions.


This spring, twenty-seven written testimonies by tenants of Regency Park were submitted to the City of Vancouver reporting multiple issues with air quality and ventilation in the building. On March 4, a city inspector confirmed multiple heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) building code violations at Regency Park. The tenants have suffered from serious health affects – such as chronic bronchitis, sleep apnea, and migraines – that they say may be caused by indoor air pollution in their homes.


One of the plaintiffs, Aissa Aggoune, a long-term resident of Regency Park, has fought for improvements in the HVAC system in the building since 2015. According to the lawsuit, building occupants experience no airflow, leading to dampness, mold and smell. Despite continually informing the landlord of these serious issues, they have not been resolved.


“The tenants and their children living at 1225 Cardero have been breathing in polluted air for the past nine years,” said Aissa Aggoune, resident of Regency Park for 17 years. “Enforcement is needed to ensure Larco makes the necessary building repairs, so the 200 plus families of Regency Park have safe and healthy homes, and can live in dignity.”


This is the second group of tenants raising issues with Larco. Tenants of Fontainebleau Apartments (5455 Balsam Street) held a rally against Larco rezoning their building in October 2023. The rezoning application is currently pending approval by the City of Vancouver. Those tenants complained of lack of heating in their building.


Larco Investments is owned by the Lalji family, one of the wealthiest families in Canada. They hold a large portfolio of real estate including Park Royal shopping centre, Maple Leaf Storage, and hotels, including the Sheraton Vancouver Airport where workers have been on strike for nearly a year in their fight for a living wage.




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