Media Advisory: BREAKING: Negotiations with Hotel Georgia break down again, striking Hotel Georgia workers to confront Pacific Reach Properties demanding a return to the table

What: Hotel workers rally

When: Thursday, October 24, 2019, 5pm

Where: Hotel Belmont, 654 Nelson Street, Vancouver

Who: UNITE HERE Local 40 hotel workers on strike at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, joined in solidarity by former striking workers and the Vancouver community

WHY: Yesterday, in the fifth week of the strike, negotiations with Rosewood Hotel Georgia broke down for a second time, with the company refusing to continue bargaining and address staff concerns. Rosewood Hotel Georgia workers have been on strike for over a month, and Hotel Georgia is the only luxury hotel in Vancouver still under strike after three others agreed to contract demands that ended the strike at their properties more than a week ago. Join workers as they demand management return to the table and settle a contract which provides a five-star standard for economic, workplace safety and job security improvements in Vancouver.

The Rosewood Hotel Georgia and the Hotel Belmont have both come under media scrutiny recently for sexual harassment. Hotel Georgia workers walked off the job in part over Pacific Reach Properties’ dangerous working conditions for women which put them at risk for injury and assault at the Hotel Georgia. A recent survey and human rights complaint exposed the sexual harassment issues prevalent for staff at the five-star hotel. Despite this, Canada’s top-rated hotel is the only hotel still under strike – refusing to meet and negotiate with their 200 striking employees.

Last month, female staff from the Hotel Belmont filed human rights complaints against Pacific Reach Properties. Their accounts detail experiences of harassment and assault including management refusing to take action to remove guests who sexually harass and intimidate female workers. As more women continue to speak out about the practices of hotels owned by Pacific Reach Properties, the group has yet to settle a contract that would keep women safe at Hotel Georgia, or to offer any meaningful sexual harassment protections to the non-union Belmont Hotel workers.

Contact: Sharan Pawa, 604-725-0053, [email protected]