Show that you care about the locked out Nanaimo Golf Club workers!

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Nine months ago, the Nanaimo Golf Club locked out two dozen food and beverage staff.  This has placed a severe financial burden on the workers, some of whom have young children and families and rely on these jobs.

Support the workers during the holiday season by donating to their crowdfunding page. You can find it here:

Due to the lockout, the Club cannot offer full service to its members or guests.

As the lockout has dragged on, Nanaimo businesses and organizations have found alternate venues for their events, golf tournaments have been cancelled or moved to other courses, holiday events have been cancelled, and the community has stepped up to offer support to the workers.

You can also support the workers by:

  • Refusing to golf at the Nanaimo Golf Club.
  • Not using the Club as a venue until the lockout is resolved. We can help you find another venue in the city for your event.    
  • Visiting the picket line and support the workers. The line is up every day from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

See news reports about the lockout:

For more information about the lockout, contact